Frameless Glass Shower Doors for New Haven County, CT

Are you tired of the way your current shower enclosure looks? Maybe it’s old and no longer keeps the water contained to the shower stall. For whatever reason you are considering bathroom renovations, turn to the experts at Naugatuck Window and Glass for beautiful frameless glass shower doors.

Professional Installations

Founded in 1950, Naugatuck Window and Glass has a long history of providing exceptional services to customers in the New Haven County, CT, area. We have experience with both commercial and residential glass installation, and we are ready to tackle your next project.

Our team is committed to giving you the best glass installation services out there. To ensure you receive quality service every time, our employees attend regular training and safety meetings.

Naugatuck Window and Glass is dedicated to customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we do our best to complete the project efficiently and make sure no mess is left behind when we finish.

Quality Shower Doors

You have many different options for shower enclosures, but you’re sure to love our frameless glass doors. A frameless glass door offers many benefits, from the aesthetics to the ease of cleaning. Without all the crevices that come with a frame, you don’t need to worry about as much grime building up.

Frameless shower doors have a clean and modern appearance that is unique and can complement the design choices in the rest of your bathroom. These shower doors also offer a wider range of motion since the hinges can swing inward or outward. Additionally, if your shower door ever needs repairs, you can easily find replacement parts for frameless doors since you don’t have to order them from the original manufacturer.

While frameless shower doors have many benefits, installation can be complicated, so be sure to rely on the professionals at Naugatuck Window and Glass. To request a proposal, call 203-729-4536.

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